Thursday, December 16, 2010


Once again, a tale of my roomie and her infinite wisdom.

So my roomie and I were over at a friends dorm, watching the Fourth Kind. Now the Fourth Kind is a fake Alien movie, but they try to play it off as being 100% real.

However I nor my roomie knew at the time it was fake. I had already seen the film with my ex and had been a bit freaked out, but nothing beyond that. She had never seen it. And oh. Was it an experience.

So all throughout the movie she's sitting there, making faces at the Tv during certain parts. And I glance over and am rather ammused by her reaction but for the most part I sit and enjoy the movie.

It ended around 11 or 12 and I talked with Morgan a bit before we both headed back to our dorm.  now in order to get back you walk up some stairs and over a bridge, the smoking bridge, filled with smoking hipsters.

I'm happily making conversation as we walk through this open air gas chamber to venture back to our 5 story dorm building. She however has this strange look of contemplation and doesn't say much. I just assume shes tired and sort of just make small talk until we get back to the dorm.

And then.

Then it happened.


Um. Whut? But I totally went along with it and started provoking it "HOLY SHIT YOU MIGHT BE RGIHT. We could be in a ship RIGHT NOW"

We then decided we had to race downstairs to the convinence store to get some tinfoil. Except they were out.

So we made due with plastic bags. And Drafting tape.


  1. LOL awesome XD Not sure if plastic bags & draft tape would yield the same effect..

    You & your roomie look JUST like your drawings haha

  2. you guys are really cool.
    I say that honestly, because I've done shit like that with my friends and we are really cool too

  3. You drawings are cute. :)

    I am terrified of a hostile alien invasion. When I was 15 or 16 (so relatively recently) I was convinced that they had landed. I barricaded myself in the basement, and my dad had to talk me into coming out.

  4. Is it wrong for me to make complete logical sense of everything that just happened in that post? xD

  5. Oh shit nigger what are you doing.

    My brother was crazy about that movie as well. I thought it was complete shit.

  6. Dude, aliens are some legit shit.

  7. TOTALLY protected by aliens now. Completely. XD
    I'll admit, that movie freaked me right the fuck out when I first saw it, and I still kinda get chills thinking about the end.

  8. Hee hee hee! I don't know if it works like that, kiddo -- I think it's supposed to be metal to repel the Mind Control Beams. But, you know, good try! XD