Monday, October 25, 2010

Introductory Post

So I promised I would introduce everyone. And well, here it goes:

Myself: Jenn
Classification: Tired and confused College kid.

More or less I just sort of go with whatever is going on. I never usually cause the strange momments in my life, I tend to just feed of of the people I know's thoughts and build to them. Generally I'm pretty lax and quiet, but more than often I'm confused about something.

Name: Elie
Classification: Pink loving Room mate
We met each other before we came to college so we had a general understanding of each other. Living together however can tend to be it's own brand of crazy. Though I can't really imagine living with anyone else in this weirdo dorm.

Name: Alicia
Classification: Wifey/Best Frand
My crazy best friend back home. I have, and will have lots of stories involving her. She's pretty ridiculous, and sometimes quite the bitch. But she wouldn't be the person she is if she wasn't.

Name: Morgan
Classification: Hardcore/Badass friend.
As someone else put it best: She could kick your ass on rollerskates, then make a comic about it and make money with it. Yeah. One of the people I'm closest to at college and someone I see on an almost daily basis. She's pretty bad ass but also sweet as hell.

Name: David
Classification: That wise old man
David is another close friend from home, who also ends up being in a lot of the weirder moments of my life. He's also wise as hell and gives great advice. Did I mention he's pretty much bald?

Name: Kaitlin
Classification: TrollTrollTroll
One of the most trolling friends I've ever made. She's tiny and looks harmless but under that facade is a huge troll who "iz a ttl art thief" Will always be shown with troll face. No exceptions.

Name: Mychal
Classification: The nice guy
One of the most polite guys I've ever met, but he can also be a bit of a troll. And slightly gay at times, but you know, comes with the territory and what have you. Complains that I make him look like a girl. He has girlish hair. That's good enough.


  1. Lol so far you and all of your friends are pretty awesome sounding :D

  2. I think you might have to change comment font colors D:

    Otherwise what a cute idea!

  3. Cute doodles! I thought David was going to be a skinhead, haha.

  4. I love the drawings! Your friends do sound awesome!

  5. LOL
    You guys are a badass bunch haha

  6. lol, I love your drawings of everyone! Seems like you've got an interesting bunch of friends :D Looking forward to more cute drawings!

  7. I sense the makings of a webcomic o:

  8. Kaitlin sounds like me. Heh heh. x3

  9. Wow you have a very diverse group of friends! I like how you drew them and gave them profiles :)

  10. Sounds like pretty fun friends to be around. Looking forward to your drawings!


    ...that sounded too sarcastic, I really can't